Candidates information

candidate information

Please note that we do not have the facility to register on line with Key Employment as all registrations are made by appointment in the branch, enabling us to meet with an individual and give a personal service.

Please see our current job listings under the various job sectors, which will enable you to apply for current posts we have.

Candidate Registration and Appreciation

Our Company seeks to provide a reliable and Professional Service to all its Candidates. In providing this service the Company and its Staff, are to behave as Professionals in the full sense, observing the Company Code of Ethics. This means registration must be undertaken fairly but thoroughly. Information provided must be carefully recorded, and evaluated.

Our Company seeks to build and maintain a reputation for Professionalism, Integrity and Reliability based on its performance and achievements, so that it can establish long term relationships with both its Clients and its Candidates.

Our Company expects its entire staff, in all of their work, to observe the Company Code of Ethics and by this means provide a Professional Service to all of the Candidates. Since Key Employment was founded in 1970 these Objectives have remained the basis on which the Company undertakes its daily work and provides its service.