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We encourage a personal service with our clients and would be happy to discuss your recruitment needs over the telephone, via email or in person.

We have given the basics of information that you may be looking for but would be happy to provide any other information that you may require.  As we are a local medium sized company, we are able to adapt our service to your requirements easily and always ensure quality and a competitive edge.


Our Client Procedures:

Each Client is given a dedicated Account Executive who ensures they are aware of the Organisational requirements. When possible, company visits are made so that we are aware of the working environment etc. This is to ensure we are able to understand the establishment and personable attributes that would best match the company & candidate. This also enables us to direct and brief candidates prior to interviews, which forms part of our candidate pre-interview briefings that we conduct.

The procedures that we follow when receiving a Job or Booking:

  • Establish details of the organisation & contact (if not already established).
  • Ensure that you have all of our details and agree rates and terms of business.
  • Arrange a visit to your company where possible as this gives a better understanding of your requirements, the working environment and personable qualities required.
  • Ensure that we have all details of the job and person specification etc.
  • Contact suitable candidates and put out advertisements to ensure that the largest capture of candidates is obtained.
  • Screening, filtering and interviewing of potential candidates (keeping you posted on progression of sourcing the right people)
  • Send through the top 4/5 candidates that we have selected for the post.
  • Liaise with you in regards to our selection and arrange any interviews requested.
  • Pre-interview brief the candidates selected, ensuring they have all company information, job details and interview requirements.
  • Obtain feedback from you after the interviews
  • Contact candidates with feedback and make any offers of employment
  • Send through appointed candidate personal details (where required), copies of references and any other documentation required.
  • Follow up and ensure that the appointed candidate has settled in and that both parties are happy.
  • Send out relevant invoicing and maintain contact throughout.

Being a medium company with internal systems we can adapt this procedure and any additional requirements to each organisational needs.

We have full company information packages and terms of business that we would be happy to send on. Please contact us for further information, whether it be a general enquiry or specific to a certain vacancy you may have.